Your First Steps

Welcome to the Financial Revolution Team. Here is your step-by-step Guide on how to become successful through our Movement. Your first steps are aligning your basic mental attitude with your habits and daily actions, to create a environment of success. Carefully follow the steps below and start discussing them with your Sponsor.


1. Go through the 'DAY ONE' worksheet with your sponsor. Don't RUSH! Take your time and do this excercise thoughtfully. This Sheet lays the foundational stepping stone for your entire career! Immediately practice what you've written down.

DAY ONE .pdf
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2. Watch the Video about Time Management and directly apply this to your daily life. Use the worksheet down below to support your actions.

Practical To-Do's - Time Managment(1).pd
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3. Listen to 'Murphy's Comittee' and talk about what you learned with your sponsor. What are you? A cow, or a Rhino? Answer the question to yourself!

4. Get the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kyiosaki. Read this book minimum 30mins per day and make notes.

5. When all the Tasks above are completed. Schedule a meeting or a call with your sponsor, and get yourself introduced into the Trading education Level 1.